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Abstract class Phalcon\Translate\Adapter

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Base class for Phalcon\Translate adapters


public __construct (array $options)


public setInterpolator (Phalcon\Translate\InterpolatorInterface $interpolator)


public string t (string $translateKey, [array $placeholders])

Returns the translation string of the given key

public string _ (string $translateKey, [array $placeholders])

Returns the translation string of the given key (alias of method ‘t’)

public offsetSet (string $offset, string $value)

Sets a translation value

public offsetExists (mixed $translateKey)

Check whether a translation key exists

public offsetUnset (string $offset)

Unsets a translation from the dictionary

public string offsetGet (string $translateKey)

Returns the translation related to the given key

protected replacePlaceholders (mixed $translation, [mixed $placeholders])

Replaces placeholders by the values passed

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