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Class Phalcon\Queue\Beanstalk\Job

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Represents a job in a beanstalk queue


public getId ()

public getBody ()

public __construct (Phalcon\Queue\Beanstalk $queue, mixed $id, mixed $body)

public delete ()

Removes a job from the server entirely

public release ([mixed $priority], [mixed $delay])

The release command puts a reserved job back into the ready queue (and marks its state as “ready”) to be run by any client. It is normally used when the job fails because of a transitory error.

public bury ([mixed $priority])

The bury command puts a job into the “buried” state. Buried jobs are put into a FIFO linked list and will not be touched by the server again until a client kicks them with the “kick” command.

public touch ()

The touch command allows a worker to request more time to work on a job. This is useful for jobs that potentially take a long time, but you still want the benefits of a TTR pulling a job away from an unresponsive worker. A worker may periodically tell the server that it’s still alive and processing a job (e.g. it may do this on DEADLINE_SOON). The command postpones the auto release of a reserved job until TTR seconds from when the command is issued.

public kick ()

Move the job to the ready queue if it is delayed or buried.

public stats ()

Gives statistical information about the specified job if it exists.

public __wakeup ()

Checks if the job has been modified after unserializing the object

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