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Class Phalcon\Queue\Beanstalk

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Class to access the beanstalk queue service. Partially implements the protocol version 1.2

use Phalcon\Queue\Beanstalk;

 $queue = new Beanstalk([
     'host'       => '',
     'port'       => 11300,
     'persistent' => true,









public __construct ([array $options])

public connect ()

Makes a connection to the Beanstalkd server

public put (mixed $data, [array $options])

Puts a job on the queue using specified tube.

public reserve ([mixed $timeout])

Reserves/locks a ready job from the specified tube.

public choose (mixed $tube)

Change the active tube. By default the tube is “default”.

public watch (mixed $tube)

The watch command adds the named tube to the watch list for the current connection.

public ignore (mixed $tube)

It removes the named tube from the watch list for the current connection.

public pauseTube (mixed $tube, mixed $delay)

Can delay any new job being reserved for a given time.

public kick (mixed $bound)

The kick command applies only to the currently used tube.

public stats ()

Gives statistical information about the system as a whole.

public statsTube (mixed $tube)

Gives statistical information about the specified tube if it exists.

public listTubes ()

Returns a list of all existing tubes.

public listTubeUsed ()

Returns the tube currently being used by the client.

public listTubesWatched ()

Returns a list tubes currently being watched by the client.

public peekReady ()

Inspect the next ready job.

public peekBuried ()

Return the next job in the list of buried jobs.

public peekDelayed ()

Return the next job in the list of buried jobs.

public jobPeek (mixed $id)

The peek commands let the client inspect a job in the system.

final public readStatus ()

Reads the latest status from the Beanstalkd server

final public readYaml ()

Fetch a YAML payload from the Beanstalkd server

public read ([mixed $length])

Reads a packet from the socket. Prior to reading from the socket will check for availability of the connection.

protected write (mixed $data)

Writes data to the socket. Performs a connection if none is available

public disconnect ()

Closes the connection to the beanstalk server.

public quit ()

Simply closes the connection.

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