/Phalcon 3

Class Phalcon\Logger\Formatter\Line

extends abstract class Phalcon\Logger\Formatter

implements Phalcon\Logger\FormatterInterface

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Formats messages using an one-line string


public getDateFormat ()

Default date format

public setDateFormat (mixed $dateFormat)

Default date format

public getFormat ()

Format applied to each message

public setFormat (mixed $format)

Format applied to each message

public __construct ([string $format], [string $dateFormat])

Phalcon\Logger\Formatter\Line construct

public string format (string $message, int $type, int $timestamp, [array $context])

Applies a format to a message before sent it to the internal log

public getTypeString (mixed $type) inherited from Phalcon\Logger\Formatter

Returns the string meaning of a logger constant

public interpolate (string $message, [array $context]) inherited from Phalcon\Logger\Formatter

Interpolates context values into the message placeholders

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