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Abstract class Phalcon\Image\Adapter

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All image adapters must use this class


public getImage ()


public getRealpath ()


public getWidth ()

Image width

public getHeight ()

Image height

public getType ()

Image type Driver dependent

public getMime ()

Image mime type

public resize ([mixed $width], [mixed $height], [mixed $master])

Resize the image to the given size

public liquidRescale (mixed $width, mixed $height, [mixed $deltaX], [mixed $rigidity])

This method scales the images using liquid rescaling method. Only support Imagick

public crop (mixed $width, mixed $height, [mixed $offsetX], [mixed $offsetY])

Crop an image to the given size

public rotate (mixed $degrees)

Rotate the image by a given amount

public flip (mixed $direction)

Flip the image along the horizontal or vertical axis

public sharpen (mixed $amount)

Sharpen the image by a given amount

public reflection (mixed $height, [mixed $opacity], [mixed $fadeIn])

Add a reflection to an image

public watermark (Phalcon\Image\Adapter $watermark, [mixed $offsetX], [mixed $offsetY], [mixed $opacity])

Add a watermark to an image with the specified opacity

public text (mixed $text, [mixed $offsetX], [mixed $offsetY], [mixed $opacity], [mixed $color], [mixed $size], [mixed $fontfile])

Add a text to an image with a specified opacity

public mask (Phalcon\Image\Adapter $watermark)

Composite one image onto another

public background (mixed $color, [mixed $opacity])

Set the background color of an image

public blur (mixed $radius)

Blur image

public pixelate (mixed $amount)

Pixelate image

public save ([mixed $file], [mixed $quality])

Save the image

public render ([mixed $ext], [mixed $quality])

Render the image and return the binary string

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