/Phalcon 3

Class Phalcon\Http\Response\Cookies

implements Phalcon\Http\Response\CookiesInterface, Phalcon\Di\InjectionAwareInterface

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This class is a bag to manage the cookies A cookies bag is automatically registered as part of the ‘response’ service in the DI


public setDI (Phalcon\DiInterface $dependencyInjector)

Sets the dependency injector

public getDI ()

Returns the internal dependency injector

public useEncryption (mixed $useEncryption)

Set if cookies in the bag must be automatically encrypted/decrypted

public isUsingEncryption ()

Returns if the bag is automatically encrypting/decrypting cookies

public set (mixed $name, [mixed $value], [mixed $expire], [mixed $path], [mixed $secure], [mixed $domain], [mixed $httpOnly])

Sets a cookie to be sent at the end of the request This method overrides any cookie set before with the same name

public get (mixed $name)

Gets a cookie from the bag

public has (mixed $name)

Check if a cookie is defined in the bag or exists in the _COOKIE superglobal

public delete (mixed $name)

Deletes a cookie by its name This method does not removes cookies from the _COOKIE superglobal

public send ()

Sends the cookies to the client Cookies aren’t sent if headers are sent in the current request

public reset ()

Reset set cookies

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