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Abstract class Phalcon\Forms\Element

implements Phalcon\Forms\ElementInterface

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This is a base class for form elements


public __construct (string $name, [array $attributes])

Phalcon\Forms\Element constructor

public setForm (Phalcon\Forms\Form $form)

Sets the parent form to the element

public getForm ()

Returns the parent form to the element

public setName (mixed $name)

Sets the element name

public getName ()

Returns the element name

public Phalcon\Forms\ElementInterface setFilters (array | string $filters)

Sets the element filters

public addFilter (mixed $filter)

Adds a filter to current list of filters

public mixed getFilters ()

Returns the element filters

public Phalcon\Forms\ElementInterface addValidators (array $validators, [mixed $merge])

Adds a group of validators

public addValidator (Phalcon\Validation\ValidatorInterface $validator)

Adds a validator to the element

public getValidators ()

Returns the validators registered for the element

public prepareAttributes ([array $attributes], [mixed $useChecked])

Returns an array of prepared attributes for Phalcon\Tag helpers according to the element parameters

public Phalcon\Forms\ElementInterface setAttribute (string $attribute, mixed $value)

Sets a default attribute for the element

public mixed getAttribute (string $attribute, [mixed $defaultValue])

Returns the value of an attribute if present

public setAttributes (array $attributes)

Sets default attributes for the element

public getAttributes ()

Returns the default attributes for the element

public Phalcon\Forms\ElementInterface setUserOption (string $option, mixed $value)

Sets an option for the element

public mixed getUserOption (string $option, [mixed $defaultValue])

Returns the value of an option if present

public setUserOptions (array $options)

Sets options for the element

public getUserOptions ()

Returns the options for the element

public setLabel (mixed $label)

Sets the element label

public getLabel ()

Returns the element label

public label ([array $attributes])

Generate the HTML to label the element

public Phalcon\Forms\ElementInterface setDefault (mixed $value)

Sets a default value in case the form does not use an entity or there is no value available for the element in _POST

public getDefault ()

Returns the default value assigned to the element

public getValue ()

Returns the element value

public getMessages ()

Returns the messages that belongs to the element The element needs to be attached to a form

public hasMessages ()

Checks whether there are messages attached to the element

public setMessages (Phalcon\Validation\Message\Group $group)

Sets the validation messages related to the element

public appendMessage (Phalcon\Validation\MessageInterface $message)

Appends a message to the internal message list

public clear ()

Clears every element in the form to its default value

public __toString ()

Magic method __toString renders the widget without attributes

abstract public render ([mixed $attributes]) inherited from Phalcon\Forms\ElementInterface


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