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Class Phalcon\Cache\Frontend\Msgpack

extends class Phalcon\Cache\Frontend\Data

implements Phalcon\Cache\FrontendInterface

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Allows to cache native PHP data in a serialized form using msgpack extension This adapter uses a Msgpack frontend to store the cached content and requires msgpack extension.

use Phalcon\Cache\Backend\File;
 use Phalcon\Cache\Frontend\Msgpack;

 // Cache the files for 2 days using Msgpack frontend
 $frontCache = new Msgpack([
     'lifetime' => 172800

 // Create the component that will cache "Msgpack" to a "File" backend
 // Set the cache file directory - important to keep the "/" at the end of
 // of the value for the folder
 $cache = new File($frontCache, [
     'cacheDir' => '../app/cache/'

 // Try to get cached records
 $cacheKey = 'robots_order_id.cache';
 $robots   = $cache->get($cacheKey);
 if ($robots === null) {
     // $robots is null due to cache expiration or data do not exist
     // Make the database call and populate the variable
     $robots = Robots::find(['order' => 'id']);

     // Store it in the cache
     $cache->save($cacheKey, $robots);

 // Use $robots
 foreach ($robots as $robot) {
     echo $robot->name, "\n";


public __construct ([array $frontendOptions])

Phalcon\Cache\Frontend\Msgpack constructor

public getLifetime ()

Returns the cache lifetime

public isBuffering ()

Check whether if frontend is buffering output

public start ()

Starts output frontend. Actually, does nothing

public getContent ()

Returns output cached content

public stop ()

Stops output frontend

public beforeStore (mixed $data)

Serializes data before storing them

public afterRetrieve (mixed $data)

Unserializes data after retrieval

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Licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0.