/Phalcon 3

Abstract class Phalcon\Application

extends abstract class Phalcon\Di\Injectable

implements Phalcon\Events\EventsAwareInterface, Phalcon\Di\InjectionAwareInterface

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Base class for Phalcon\Cli\Console and Phalcon\Mvc\Application.


public __construct ([Phalcon\DiInterface $dependencyInjector])

public setEventsManager (Phalcon\Events\ManagerInterface $eventsManager)

Sets the events manager

public getEventsManager ()

Returns the internal event manager

public registerModules (array $modules, [mixed $merge])

Register an array of modules present in the application

            'frontend' => [
                    'className' => 'Multiple\Frontend\Module',
                    'path'      => '../apps/frontend/Module.php'
            'backend' => [
                    'className' => 'Multiple\Backend\Module',
                    'path'      => '../apps/backend/Module.php'

public getModules ()

Return the modules registered in the application

public getModule (mixed $name)

Gets the module definition registered in the application via module name

public setDefaultModule (mixed $defaultModule)

Sets the module name to be used if the router doesn’t return a valid module

public getDefaultModule ()

Returns the default module name

abstract public handle ()

Handles a request

public setDI (Phalcon\DiInterface $dependencyInjector) inherited from Phalcon\Di\Injectable

Sets the dependency injector

public getDI () inherited from Phalcon\Di\Injectable

Returns the internal dependency injector

public __get (mixed $propertyName) inherited from Phalcon\Di\Injectable

Magic method __get

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