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Class Phalcon\Annotations\Reflection

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Allows to manipulate the annotations reflection in an OO manner

use Phalcon\Annotations\Reader;
 use Phalcon\Annotations\Reflection;

 // Parse the annotations in a class
 $reader = new Reader();
 $parsing = reader->parse('MyComponent');

 // Create the reflection
 $reflection = new Reflection($parsing);

 // Get the annotations in the class docblock
 $classAnnotations = reflection->getClassAnnotations();


public __construct ([array $reflectionData])

Phalcon\Annotations\Reflection constructor

public getClassAnnotations ()

Returns the annotations found in the class docblock

public getMethodsAnnotations ()

Returns the annotations found in the methods’ docblocks

public getPropertiesAnnotations ()

Returns the annotations found in the properties’ docblocks

public array getReflectionData ()

Returns the raw parsing intermediate definitions used to construct the reflection

public static array data __set_state (mixed $data)

Restores the state of a Phalcon\Annotations\Reflection variable export

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