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Stable Security Risk Class

Security Risk

Permitting direct access to the DOM can make your application more vulnerable to XSS attacks. Carefully review any use of ElementRef in your code. For more detail, see the Security Guide.

Class Overview

class ElementRef {
  constructor(nativeElement: any)
  nativeElement : any

Class Description


constructor(nativeElement: any)

Class Details

nativeElement : any

The underlying native element or null if direct access to native elements is not supported (e.g. when the application runs in a web worker).

Use with caution

Use this API as the last resort when direct access to DOM is needed. Use templating and data-binding provided by Angular instead. Alternatively you take a look at Renderer which provides API that can safely be used even when direct access to native elements is not supported.

Relying on direct DOM access creates tight coupling between your application and rendering layers which will make it impossible to separate the two and deploy your application into a web worker.

exported from @angular/core/index, defined in @angular/core/src/linker/element_ref.ts

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